• FAQs


How long is the relay race?

The route is 225 miles of pure joy and fun! The one day challenge is approximately 70 miles.

How many runners are on a team?

The event is designed for Teams of 6 or Teams of 12. Teams of 6 can be anywhere from 2-6 runners and Teams of 12 can be anywhere from 7-12 runners.

How do you find enough runners?

Tell people how awesome this event is and they will WANT to join your team! If that does not work, find local running groups and make friends. Friends of friend will want to join. Just ask!

Do participants have to stay in the same order?

No, participants may run in any order they want. This allows for participants to run legs that are best suited for them.

Can participants run consecutive legs?

Yes! You will need more rest than the others though.

Can another team member run or bike with me on my leg?

Yes, you can have teammates keep you company during your run.

Can I wear headphones?

Yes, but please make sure you can hear any emergency announcements.

Can I come just for the party?

Absolutely! Join us at Riverside Park in LaCrosse and celebrate with food, beverages, music, yard games, and fun!